Watch crypter normal startup and hidden startup options videos. Sometimes you may need to keep your payload in the running situation. So you need to set the payload on the startup list. It is simple in your system, but you can’t set it without access to another system. Crypter gives the best solution for this problem with a normal startup or hidden startup.

Hidden startup with FUD crypter

If you need to run your file hidden on the target system you must activate this crypter option. In short, your file will run after restarting hiddenly and the user can’t see this simply.

In the below video, we show you how to set up this Data Encoder Crypter feature.

Normal startup with Data Encoder Crypter

As mentioned with the startup option, your file remains in the running situation even after restarting. The normal startup option runs as usual.

Note in both options; you need to set the Install directory, file name, and Key name. We recommend for bypassing Windows Defender these fields must same as your assembly. Also, you must choose the correct folder that doesn’t need administrator confirmation (Run as admin).

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