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Crypter Features & Options:

Data Encoder Crypter features give much access to software crypter. See the last updated 2022 FUD crypter features in this section. Read all crypter options here.

The best way to distinguish the original crypter from the fake is to Know the best fully undetectable crypter and free FUD crypter. We suggest learning about how the crypter works first, so polymorphic crypter or Static crypter.

Briefly, we write an article to find out how to make file FUD with crypter. Also, you can read about the best RAT for crypter details.

Data Encoder crypter gives the best crypter features services with full support. All features are available for All packages.

Data Encoder FUD Crypter Features

Fully Undetectable Crypts (FUD)

Any files give fully undetectable (FUD) results in Scantime and Runtime.

Multi-File Binder

The Multi-File Binder feature will allow you to bind any format of file (executable, image, document, .dll, etc.). Watch how the crypter binder works. You can customize the settings for each file from the drop location to the run method.

Code Injection

Crypter uses a great unhooked RunPE, which can inject codes into another process.

Process Persistence

Software subtly persists on process and startup registry. Software regularly checks all process and do not let to close or kill the process.

Startup and Installation

This feature will install the encrypted file in the target system and adds it to the system startup. You can fully customize installation and startup settings from the drop location to the startup method.

Melt File

Use this crypter feature to melt your files together.

Online Scanner

It has an online scanner service that provides Scantime results. You can test any files with this service.

ANTI Virtual Environment

The program protects your encrypted files from being examined by an unauthorized person in their virtual environment or sandbox and it is Anti emulations.

Fake Message

You can Show fake messages like Errors, Information, Warning, and Question to your system with this crypter feature.

Startup and Installation

This crypter feature help to install your encrypted file completely.

Certificate / Cloner / Icon Changer

Crypter helps to find the certificate of official products.

Delay Execution

It is used to “stop” or pause your file while running for a certain period. This item helps to get the best results in the encryption process.

Extension Spoofer

Spoof your file Extension like .jpg – .apk – .docx and any other you want.

File Pumper / Compress

Increase the output size in MB as much as you want! Also, you can decrease the output size by compressing the data with these crypter features.


The software interface is designed to be easy to use and is “friendly.” you can drag & drop any files quickly. Crypter performs the tasks safely, effectively, and efficiently whit this user interface

24/7 Support

The Data Encoder support team is online 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Runtime Check Tool

Execute your executable file (*.EXE) in a safe environment and check the reports and connection. Check your files in Runtime and get the screenshot.

How does the crypter features work?

Our crypter features are available for all packages. You can use Data Encoder crypter features to get FUD results. In short, FUD crypter 2023 helps you stand against reverse engineering. You can bypass antivirus and get FUD results. We recommend watching bypass Windows Defender videos.

Also, You can find the malware 2023 threat and crypter options to help you secure your data. Join our Crypter Channel for more information.

Watch the crypter tutorials for any crypter features .

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