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Data Encoder Crypter features give many access to software crypter. See the last updated 2021 of FUD crypter features in this section.

The best way to distinguish the original crypter from the fake is to Know the best fully undetectable crypter and free FUD crypter. we suggest learning about how crypter works first so polymorphic crypter or Static crypter.

Data Encoder crypter gives the best crypter features services with full supports. All features are available for All packages.

Data Encoder FUD Crypter Features

Fully Undetectable Crypts (FUD)

Any files give fully undetectable (FUD) result in Scantime and Runtime. Each crypt will give you a FUD result which means your file will be fully undetectable from proactive in both Scantime and Runtime.

Multi-File Binder

The Multi-File Binder feature will give you the capability to bind any formats of file (executable,image,document, .dll, etc.). You can customize the settings for each file from the drop location to the run method.

Code Injection

Crypter uses a great unhooked RunPE which can inject codes/files (malicious /pure codes) into legit processes. It is useful to bypass any enterprising on Runtime.

Process Persistence

Software silently and subtly persists on process, and startup registry. Software regularly checks all process and do not let to close or kill the process.

Startup and Installation

This feature will install the encrypted file in the target system and adds it to the system startup. You can fully customize installation and startup settings from the drop location to the startup method.

Melt File

Use this crypter feature to melt your file after the first execution.

Online Scanner

It has an online scanner service that provides Scantime results, using different anti-virus engines to investigate files made by crypter. You can test any files with this service and find they are clean or detected as viruses or Trojans. The scanned files are not shared.

ANTI Virtual Environment

Program protects your encrypted files from being examined by an unauthorized person in his/her virtual environment or sandbox and it is Anti emulations

Fake Message

You can Show fake messages like Errors, Information, Warning, and Question to your target with this crypter feature

Hidden Startup and Installation

This crypter feature help to install your encrypted file completely Hidden so the infected person cannot see your file in startup managers and the folders.

Certificate Stealer/ Cloner / Icon Changer

Crypter help to steal the certificate of official products. You can change icon and assembly detail or Copies the Assembly Information or the Icon of a chosen file for encrypted data.

Delay Execution

Used to “stop” or pause your file, while running for a certain period.This item help to get FUD results in encryption process.

Extension Spoofer

Spoof your file Extension like .jpg – .apk – .docx and any other you want. These extensions make your file appear custom in the viewer’s eyes with this crypter feature.

File Pumper / Compress

Increase the output size in MB as much as you want! Also, you can decrease the output size by compressing the data with these crypter features


software interface designed easy to use and It is “friendly”. you can drag & drop any files easily. Crypter perform the tasks safely, effectively, and efficiently whit this user interface

24/7 Support

Data Encoder support team is online 24 hours 7 days a week.

How does the crypter features work?

Our crypter features are available for all packages. You can use Data Encoder crypter features to get FUD results. In short, FUD crypter 2021 can bypass all antivirus without any trace.

Choose the right plan for your work

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45 Days License


  • All features available
  • Fully undetectable results
  • Shared STUB
  • Free updates


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  • All features available
  • Fully undetectable results
  • Shared STUB
  • Free updates


180 Days License


  • All features available
  • Fully undetectable results
  • Shared STUB
  • Free updates


Limited Offer


  • Windows Defender last update Bypass Guaranty
  • Validity for 45 days
  • Unlimited Files Encryption
  • Special Private STUB on your hands
  • Get longer FUD time
  • 3  Free updates
  • Get priority in the support queue
  • Contact via Email & Discord
  • Get special assistance by TeamViewer

What is a private STUB?

The private STUB for users wants to be particular. As a result, encrypted files with Private STUB will remain FUD for a longer time. It is clear because it is only in your hands. We update STUB every day so, it is entirely different from shared STUB. In a word, if you know about how to make a file FUD with crypter we offer FUD Crypter Private package to you.

In the same vein, get priority in the support queue. Get fast your tickets answered within 8 hours. Secondly, you can contact us via Email and Discord. So, users can get specific assistance from TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Above all, we suggest visiting antivirus bypass videos. Then, see how crypter bypassing windows defender in Windows 11 last update 2021, ESET internet security 2021, Avast Premium Security 2021, etc. So buy FUD crypter online.

All crypter features available in this package too.

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