In this section, we try to inform the best Rat for Crypter. We introduce free like Async, Remcos and paid remote access tools (RAT) for crypter and all RAT pc 2022 features and performance. You can see the final best Rat for crypter 2022 and download the RAT tool.

If you don’t know what is the RAT yet, we provide an article about how does RAT pc works From A to Z for you. Read this post exactly so find the free pc RAT here.

Remcos RAT

One of the free Rat of Google is Remcos RAT and this product has two versions free and professional. you can work a few functions buttons in the free version.

What is the crypter? In conclusion, Crypter software is an encryption tool to encrypt information and obfuscate them from reverse engineering. see What is crypter and how to buy it? for the best choice.

General information of RAT

Most free remote access tools (RAT) do not have any support or update. Remcos RAT is updated monthly and runs on Windows 10 both 32-64 bit, Windows 11, and Server editions. Read this section if you want to download Remcos RAT.

Firstly, this Rat no needs to. .NET Framework and is written in C++ and Delphi programming languages. It works with low disk, memory, and processor usage. Secondly, you can access any system with high-speed encrypted connections via a custom TCP-based protocol. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a standard protocol that facilitates the exchange of data between computing devices in a network. TCP acts with the Internet Protocol (IP), which determines how systems send packets of data to each other.

Note, any free remote access tools need an update to give a secure connection correctly and give the best Runtime FUD results. Therefore, all crypters limit the use of this free software. There are few RAT teams to fix bugs or update their tools. So, try a free active RAT if you don’t want to spend money. Remember free FUD crypter may not work with free RAT 2021 consequently try paid crypter version.

Remcos RAT Data Encoder Crypter working
Remcos RAT Data Encoder Crypter working

Remcos remote access tool RAT features

  • File manager with full administrator access

  • Hidden and normal startup setup

  • Registry Persistence

  • Multi keylogger modes

  • Remote Proxy


  • Connection Encryption

  • RAT Updating and fixing bugs

  • Screen Capture , Webcam Capture and Audio Capture

  • CHAT with infected system

  • Browsers History

  • Password Recovery

  • Activity Notification

  • Persistence

  • Most features available for paid version

Finally, Remcos RAT free version is suitable for users who do not want to pay and is very useful for initial tests. Remcos RAT updating and fixing bugs help you to bypass false detections better. We suggest you read The top Remote Access Trojan (RAT) in 2020

This tool knows as the Remote Access tool or RAT. Certainly, this administration tool gives grants access to the user’s full control of the client’s computer. Remember any free RAT tool or cracked one cannot read encrypted data.

Briefly, any free remote access tools require an update for securing the connection and giving the best Runtime FUD results. So, crypter limit using free RAT. Few RAT coder teams are fixing their bugs or updating their tools. So, apply free active RAT to avoid wasting money. Remember free FUD crypter may not work with free RAT so try the paid crypter version. Also, choose updated RAT if you want to download the RAT tool.

Remote Access Tools (RAT) features

The free RAT tool will give users total administrative control over the connected system.

The common RAT features are
– Monitoring user behavior.
-Accessing essential data, like credit card and social security numbers and any cloud database like ICloud, Google drive.
– Activating a system’s web cam and recording video and taking screen shots.
– All administration access like formatting drives or deleting, downloading or altering files and file systems.

Is free version RAT works with crypter?

We test the free version of Remcos and Data Encoder Crypter working. In other words, Data Encoder Crypter almost works with all updated free RATs in the markets.

How to keep safe From RAT Software

Use FUD crypter 2022 to secure your data in your connections. In short, data shows top remote access trojan 2021 use system process to get hidden access. You need to know how against them with FUD crypter software.

Crypter by methods like The Process hollowing and Portable Executable (PE) Injection technique secure your files.

So how detect Rat on my computer finally?

Certainly it needs some information about computer processing section and find process with unusual behaviors.

Do you need make your own crypter? No problem just read our blog and follow the steps.