Here, we highlight the best RAT options for crypter use. We cover free choices such as njRAT, NanoCore, Quasar, Async, and Remcos, along with paid remote access tools(RAT) 2024. By comparing their features and performance, we identify the top RAT for crypter in 2024. You can then download the selected RAT tool.

If you don’t know what the RAT is yet, we provide an article about how RAT pc works From A to Z for you. Read this post exactly, so find the free pc RAT here. For a comprehensive understanding of malware types, we suggest exploring various types, including stealer, keylogger, loader, botnets, and malware crypter.

As mentioned before in cyber attacks 2023, You can download free RAT for crypter (njRAT, NanoCore, Quasar, Async) on Telegram.

Discover the best crypters for remote access trojans (RATs) in 2024. Encrypt and obfuscate your RATs with advanced tools to protect against detection and maintain privacy. Compare features, pricing, and user feedback to choose the top crypter for your RAT.

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The Need for Crypters

Antivirus software relies on signature-based detection to identify known malware. However, this approach is ineffective against obfuscated or encrypted malware. Crypters help bypass this security measure by modifying the malware’s code of best RAT for Crypter. As a result, the encrypted or obfuscated malware appears different from its original form, evading detection by antivirus solutions.

Advantages of Using Crypters for RATs

Using crypters for RATs offers several advantages to attackers:

  • Evasion of Antivirus Detection: By encrypting or obfuscating the RAT’s code, crypters help bypass antivirus software’s signature-based detection mechanisms.
  • Increased Persistence: Crypted RATs are more likely to remain undetected on the victim’s system for an extended period, allowing attackers to maintain access and control.
  • Improved Payload Delivery: Crypters can be used to obfuscate the RAT’s payload, making it harder for security solutions to detect and block the initial infection vector.
  • Reduced Analysis Efforts: Obfuscated or encrypted code is more challenging to analyze and reverse-engineer, hindering efforts to understand the RAT’s functionality and develop countermeasures.

Disadvantages of Using Crypters for RATs

While crypters offer advantages to attackers, they also have some drawbacks:

  • Potential Performance Impact: The encryption or obfuscation process can sometimes affect the RAT’s performance, leading to slower execution or increased resource consumption.
  • Increased File Size: Encrypted or obfuscated malware often results in larger file sizes, which can raise suspicion or cause compatibility issues.
  • Potential Detection by Advanced Security Solutions: While crypters can bypass signature-based detection, advanced security solutions that employ heuristic analysis or machine learning techniques may still be able to detect obfuscated or encrypted malware.
  • Complexity and Cost: Some crypters can be complex to use and may require specialized knowledge or come at a cost, creating barriers for less experienced attackers.

Remcos RAT

One free Rat of Google is Remcos RAT, and this product has two versions, accessible and professional. You can work a few function buttons in the free version.

What is the crypter? In conclusion, Crypter software is an encryption tool to encrypt information and obfuscate them from reverse engineering. See What is crypter and how to buy it? For the best choice.

General information on RAT

Most free remote access tools (RAT) do not have any support or update. Remcos RAT is updated monthly and runs on Windows 10, both 32-64 bit, Windows 11, and Server editions. Read this section if you want to download Remcos RAT.

Firstly, this Rat no need to. .NET Framework is written in C++ and Delphi programming languages. It works with low disk, memory, and processor usage. Secondly, you can access any system with high-speed encrypted connections via a custom TCP-based protocol. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a standard protocol that facilitates data exchange between computing devices in a network. TCP acts with the Internet Protocol (IP), which determines how systems send packets of data to each other.

Note that free remote access tools need an update to correctly give a secure connection and the best Runtime FUD results. Therefore, all crypters limit the use of this free software. There are few RAT teams to fix bugs or update their tools. So, try a free active RAT if you don’t want to spend money. Remember, the free FUD crypter may not work with free RAT 2021; consequently, try paid crypter version.

Remcos RAT Data Encoder Crypter working
Remcos RAT Data Encoder Crypter working

Remcos remote access tool RAT features

  • File manager with full administrator access

  • Hidden and normal startup setup

  • Registry Persistence

  • Multi keylogger modes

  • Remote Proxy


  • Connection Encryption

  • RAT Updating and fixing bugs

  • Screen Capture , Webcam Capture and Audio Capture

  • CHAT with infected system

  • Browsers History

  • Password Recovery

  • Activity Notification

  • Persistence

  • Most features available for paid version

Finally, Remcos RAT free version is suitable for users who do not want to pay and is very useful for initial tests. Remcos RAT updating and fixing bugs help you to bypass false detections better. We suggested you read The Top Remote Access Trojan (RAT) in 2024.

In the following, we are trying to introduce you to the rest of the similar free RATs, such as njRAT, NanoCore, Quasar, and AsyncRAT. Then you can find the best crypter for RAT.

This tool knows as the Remote Access tool or RAT. Indeed, this administration tool grants access to the user’s complete control of the client’s computer. Remember, any free RAT tool or cracked one cannot read encrypted data.

Briefly, free remote access tools require an update for securing the connection and giving the best Runtime FUD results. So, crypter limit using free RAT. Few RAT coder teams are fixing their bugs or updating their tools. So, apply free active RAT to avoid wasting money. Remember, the free FUD crypter may not work with free RAT, so try the paid crypter version. Also, choose updated RAT if you want to download the RAT tool.

The features of best RAT for Crypter

The free RAT tool will give users total administrative control over the connected system. You can make your RAT FUD and bypass Windows Defender in 2024.

The standard RAT features are

– Monitoring user behavior.

-Access essential data, like credit card and social security numbers, and any cloud database like iCloud or Google drive.

– Activating a system’s webcam, recording video, and taking screenshots.

– All administration access like formatting drives or deleting, downloading, or altering files and file systems.

Is free version RAT works with crypter?

We test the accessible version of Remcos and Data Encoder Crypter working. In other words, Data Encoder Crypter almost works with all updated free RATs in the markets if you searching for crypter for RAT.

How to keep safe From RAT Software

Use FUD crypter 2022 to secure your data in your connections. In short, data shows that top remote access trojan 2021 uses a systematic process to get hidden access. To effectively counter their tactics, familiarize yourself with FUD crypter software.

Crypter by methods like The Process hollowing and Portable Executable (PE) Injection technique, secures your files.

So how detect best Rat for crypter on my computer finally?

Indeed, it needs some information about the computer processing section and finds processes with unusual behaviors.

Do you need to make your own crypter? No problem, just read our blog and follow the steps.

The most common PC RAT for crypter 2024

Briefly, the antivirus reports show the best free remote access trojans 2024 are njRAT, NanoCore, Quasar, and AsyncRAT. Antivirus flagged these best free pc RAT modules.

Then free RAT trojans can’t bypass antivirus such as Windows Defender. Moreover, the crypter for RAT can’t access the malware code, and antivirus will detect the RAT malware in Runtime.

You can see the features of Warzone RAT, njRAT, NanoCore, Quasar, and Async in the below section.

Remember, all below free RAT are outdated. Any active versions may have a backdoor cracked. Or use the main modules of Async, Quasar, NanoCore, or njRAT, and malware crypter can’t give FUD results for these free RATs.


  • Updated Remote Access Trojans in use in 2024

  • Keylogger
  • Remoteshell/VNC (Administrator)

  • Run File
  • Process Manager

  • Reverce Socks

  • Changing system registry

  • Kill proccess
  • HRDP Manager

  • Updated


  • best RAT for Crypter in use in 2024

  • Keylogger
  • Remote Desktop (Administrator)
  • Run File
  • .NET framework
  • called Bladabindi and Njw0rm
  • Changing system registry
  • Kill proccess
  • .NET obfuscators
  • Out dated


  • Common Remote Access Trojans in use in 2024

  • Keylogger
  • Remote Desktop (Administrator)
  • Run File in Memory

  • .NET framework
  • Bot killer

  • Dos Attack

  • Seed Torrent

  • .NET obfuscators
  • Out dated


  • Common Remote Access Trojans in use in 2024

  • Keylogger
  • Remote Desktop (Administrator)
  • Run File
  • .NET framework
  • Open source

  • Changing system registry
  • Kill proccess
  • .NET obfuscators
  • Out dated


  • Common Remote Access Trojans in use in 2024

  • Keylogger
  • Remote Desktop (Administrator)
  • Run File
  • .NET framework
  • Powerful Plugins Support
  • Remote Scripting

  • Kill proccess
  • .NET obfuscators
  • Out dated

Best crypter for RAT

It is not enough if you have RAT software and need a cryptography app to encrypt it. As we have said in other articles, a Trojan rat cannot pass the antivirus alone. Therefore, the crypter helps you to bypass Windows Defender by encrypting it by crypter for rat.

This software, whose so-called Data Encoding malware, Malware packer, or Malware Obfuscation, plays the leading role in bypassing the antivirus.

Also, it would be best if you found a compatible crypter for your RAT. Data Encoder is the best crypter for RAT 2024 and supports Both .Net & Native and x32 & x64 applications.

Another point is that Ransomware is one of the most used malware in 2024. It would be best if you used a compatible Malware packer. Therefore, we suggest that if you want to use Ransomware, you must read crypter Ransomware.