How to make a crypter?

Follow these steps for make a crypter:

  1. Develop encryption software: Begin by coding encryption software that incorporates high-level cryptography and encryption algorithms.
  2. Analyze antivirus behavior: Understand antivirus detection patterns and security engine algorithms, as this data isn’t readily available online. For instance, Gen detections may become apparent after a few weeks.
  3. Evaluate your competitors thoroughly, considering both the quality and functionality of their software, along with the market demands of customers. Failing to understand the market can lead to the failure of any software development project. Consider checking Telegram channel dedicated to crypters for insights and examples.
  4. Work with simple malware: Consider utilizing RAT tools (remote access Trojans), with recommendations for the best RAT tools in 2024 provided here.
  5. Collaborate for success: Emphasize teamwork for optimal results, using the FUD Crypter for enhanced security instead of free downloads.
  6. Implement STUB method: Focus on running payload in memory at runtime using the STUB method for efficient operation.

What are the steps to test a file created with my own crypter?

  1. Conclude by thoroughly testing all your code using scanners that have submission options disabled.
  2. Or use VMware and disable “”Automatic Sample Submission”” on the Antivirus.

  3. Update Antivirus.
  4. Create a snapshot of the VMware.
  5. Restore VMware to the previous snapshot after your test.