In this article, we are trying to review the future state of cyber threats and cyber attacks 2023. Based on research and geopolitical changes in 2022, many malware and cyber-attack methods have significantly changed. Therefore, it is essential to predict the malware in 2023, state of the Darknet in 2023, and the upcoming risks based on these changes.

The Last Cyber Threats in 2023

Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated. Moreover, they pose a significant risk to individuals and organizations alike. In 2023, we witnessed a surge in advanced persistent threats (APTs), ransomware attacks, and supply chain compromises. Consequently, understanding the latest techniques employed by cybercriminals is crucial for effective defense. Read this article for exact threats:

Moving from Darknet to Telegram (Telegram as a new darknet 2023)

In the past years, many hacking forums and primary malware coders used many layers of security to keep their identities secret. These people used anonymous RPD email systems and VPNs without logs. Because maintaining privacy is the main priority of hackers. By examining the leading forums in the Darknet or the Deepweb, we see a significant decrease in the activity of hackers and interested people in these forums.

Has the activity of hackers stopped? As we said, the number of cyber attacks in 2022 has grown significantly. The safe presence of these people in Telegram has become a very safe place for hackers.

Therefore, Telegram will become a very safe and secure marketplace for buyers of hacking tools in 2023. A simple search in Telegram’s global search reveals how easily hacking tools, including RAT trojans, stealers, ransomware, etc., are sold. The best malware 2022 are using Telegram for selling their services. For examlpe you can buy Redline Stealer straight from the coder.

Also, despite the Telegram team’s claim to ban accounts that violate the TOS, all illegal activities remain. You can see many accounts with official activities for violence, child abuse, illegal drugs, spam, pornography, and even online sales in Telegram in the past years.

Therefore, this safe environment in these years will make Telegram the best market for hackers in 2023. It is expected that we will observe significant growth in the transformation of Telegram into the Darknet and Cyber attacks 2023. For example you can see the best RAT 2022 list with active account on Telegram too

Telegram’s new features, such as creating an online forum, View Thread, etc., have all the features of a regular forum and blog. Therefore, these features cause many hacking tool sales forums to face a significant decrease in new users. In 2023, Telegram will upgrade its search system, and with this feature, it will be a Darknet with a potent search engine.

Cyber attack 2023

Geopolitical changes and the outburst of new malware

The critical events are the global economic recession, inflation, geopolitics, and hybrid wars in 2022. These conditions will create the strengthening of cyber attacks and defenses in 2023. Based on the prediction of tensions in the Middle East, Eurasia, and Europe, cyber attacks on supply chains, critical infrastructures, databases, etc., will increase significantly in 2023.

Therefore, hacker teams and governments are looking for ways to infiltrate and attack with new tools. Thus, the development of new malware will be much more, and challenges will be in Cyber attacks 2023.

The analysis of the past years shows that new malware is produced every 7-8 years. This process will happen much earlier due to global conditions and problems. We must wait for the news of its destruction and Cyber attacks 2023.

Unrelenting attacks on email-sending infrastructure and the spread of phishing

In summary, sending malware is one of the most critical challenges for hackers in 2023. Hacking email servers was one of the hacker efforts in 2022, and we should expect relentless attacks on email infrastructure in 2023. Also, one of the most common hacking methods, phishing, will increase by using official email servers or commercial accounts. In 2022, hackers are using Google Ads infrastructure to distribute malware, and Cyber attacks 2023 will use these methods.

Brute Ratel new generation and replacement of CobaltStrike

Identifying ways to infiltrate the network and bypass antiviruses with new tools such as Brute Ratel will give hackers destructive power. Therefore, we must wait until this threat simulator software using against critical and civilian infrastructures in 2023.

The past years’ experiences have shown that governments do not have any obstacles for their cyber attacks, and the reckless using these tools will be against the cyber security of 2023.

The continuous effort of the United States to integrate the warning system and improve organizations to prevent possible intrusions into the critical infrastructure of this country shows the threats ahead. Therefore, integrating systems and organizations will be the priority in 2023.

Increasing attacks on Web3 blockchain platforms

Increasing attacks on Web3 blockchain platforms to obtain cryptocurrency assets is the main priority of hackers in 2023. According to Microsoft’s report in November 2022, ransomware attacks on organizations and individuals and attacks on blockchain infrastructure, on the other hand, will be a massive threat in 2023. Polymorphic crypter and social engineering have a role in this process.

How to protect against cyber attack 2023

Data Encoder Crypter reviewed the last updated methods to increase your security. You can follow these simple ways to stand against cybercrime and cyber attacks 2023.

  • Download best crypter 2023 and encrypt your sensitive data.
  • Activate MFA for all accounts.
  • Constantly update your Windows, Antivirus, and apps to last versions.
  • Check your received email address, website URL, etc., with the official source.
  • Don’t download or open any free software, cracked or patched.
  • Use Cold storage wallet and install it on a Virtual machine.
  • Secure your account with strength password and MFA options.
  • Don’t download any files from unknown Telegram accounts.

Also, we recommend reading the last malware crypter on the market to find out more about cyber attacks 2023.

Cyber threats flow in 2023

In 2023, cyber flow reveals these activities:

  • Attackers will utilize AI and machine learning to automate their cyber attacks, making them faster and more efficient.
  • Ransomware attacks will continue to surge in frequency and complexity as they prove a lucrative and successful method for attackers to monetize their actions.
  • Cyber attackers will target IoT devices, such as smart home devices, more frequently as their usage becomes more widespread.
  • As organizations move their data and applications to the cloud, cybercriminals will target vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure.
  • Nation-state actors and cybercriminal groups will escalate their efforts to steal organizations’ sensitive information and intellectual property.

We recommend see how Google and Github play role in spreadig malware in 2023 too. In short, last Google update core affect for downloading malware and spreading it.