Top malware 2023 can’t bypass antivirus like Windows Defender lonely. So, attackers use crypter malware to evade security programs and layers. Check the fud malware list 2023 too.

Briefly, fud malware crypter software makes malicious files FUD fully undetectable for antiviruses.

Do your system infected by malware? In this article, we want to show you how FUD malware crypter bypass antivirus. You can watch how to bypass Windows Defender too.

Crypter malware VS crypter software

crypter software is an encryption tool to encrypt data. Many apps and platforms like social media are using the encryption method too.

Already, crypter software uses cryptography algorithms for securing data.

During the covid 19 pandemic, many systems were infected by malicious files.

After 2019, the number of exploits and volunteers doubled every year.

One of the best solutions against malware attacks is crypter software. You can encrypt your sensitive data with encryption software so hackers can’t access your data quickly. Personal users and companies need to crypter software for securing data.

If you want to download FUD crypter 2022, read our post first. You can buy crypter now.

Versus the malware crypter use encryption method and obfuscator to inject the malware in the legit Windows process. Note malware bypass Windows Defender in 2023 with Private crypter.

In short, The best crypter 2023 is Windows-based, and the sophisticated crypter FUD type is a polymorphic crypter.

The Crypter malware can’t access the malware code. And the only duty is to obfuscate an injection process to bypass antivirus. Some crypter malware has macro exploit options.

Briefly, due to the type of malware, it is named the crypter. For instance, the ransomware crypter was updated for the last ransomware 2023.

But many antiviruses can detect malicious files in Runtime like Remote access Trojans or Stealers.

Detection refers to the situation of malware. Free RAT Trojans 2022 can’t bypass antivirus either, or free FUD crypter can’t give the FUD results. Then attackers purchased the updated malware 2022 and crypter 2023 from underground markets. Due to our prediction for cyber attacks in 2023, most malware coders sell the tools on Telegram online.

Furthermore, some professional attackers write their own crypter or buy private crypter for longer Runtime FUD results.

Which malware uses Malware Crypter?

First Aval, the voluntaries and zero-day exploits don’t need any crypter software. These tools have unique hidden access from bugs and voluntaries of Windows and apps.

So other types such as Ransomware malware, Stealer, Botnets, Miner, Trojans, RAT Remote Access Trojans, Keylogger malware, etc. These hack tools need to FUD crypter malware .

Briefly, some coders use malware and exploit with malware crypter to keep FUD for a long time. It may use for part of their process too.

The last malware tools of 2023

The list of the latest malware from 2000 to 2023 can be seen below. This list includes Botnets, Keylogger, ransomware, Stealer, Remote Access Trojans, Loader, malware crypter, and Hidden Miners of 2000-2023.

Another section will briefly discuss the latest Exploits and voluntaries of 2023. So, check the malware list 2023 now

The common malware in use 2023 last update 01-22-2023


Wannacry Gandcrab
Phobos Sodinokibi
Dharma Troldesh
Maze Ryuk
Netwalker Nemty
HermeticWiper REvil
STOP VirLock
GlobeImposter Makop
Babuk DarkSide
Conti TaRRaK
Robin Cerber
HiddenTear locky
BlackCatALPHV Snach
RTM Nimnul
Big Game Hunting (BGH) DeadBolt
Clop GoodWill
BlackByte Hiveleaks
Suncrypts Cuba
Snatch Avoslicker
Quantum Ransomexx
Ragnar Locker Sugar
Lockbit Surtr
ONYX Pandora
Bbzz Infected Mointor
Arsium Yashma


Emotet Njrat
Nanocore Remcos
Orcus RAT Quasar rat
Ave Maria Darkcomet
Netwire Revenge
Crimson RAT FlawedAmmyy
DCRAT Warzone
Async Rat PoisionIvy
IceBot PlugX
Hodur Borat RAT
RTM RAT BlackShades
PlasmaRAT Hive RAT
Imminent Monitor Lime RAT
CyberGate Babylon
DarkTrack BitRAT
Web Monitor Pegasus RAT
888 RAT Venom RAT
Stitch ThefatRAT
Khepri Powershell RAT
Kage JSpy
Cerberus Chrome remote
Pussy RAT DameWare RAT
ProRAT Turkojan
Xtreme Havex
AlienSpy FlawedGrace RAT
PupyRat CalypsoRAT
DanBot RAT DarkCrystal RAT
Vanilla RAT Optix
Shark RAT VorteX RAT
hVNC RAT Mirai Eye
Golden Eye BB RAT
Spy Box Cobian RAT
Kronus RWX RAT
Sa3eka RAT Sako RAT
TG-RAT Small Net RAT
N codec RAT WH-RAT
BlackNix RAT Napeleon Monitor
LuxNET Blue Eagle Shades
Joker Frutas
Mega RAT Zeus RAT
Xena RAT Galaxy Workstation
spectral TorCT PHP
Jrat Bifrost
Subbus Paradox
Vantom Lost Door
SpyGate XRAT
Hakops Apocalypse
Horus Eyes Punisher
MurrRa1n Ozone RAT
Pentagon RAT NingaliNET
Dark Connect NovaLite
SkyWyder KilerRAT


Redline Formbook
Lokibot Vidar
Raccoon Ave Maria
Azorult Danabot
Pony Qbot
Trickbot Icedid
Gootkit Dridex
Zloader Predator The Thief
Gozi Tinba
Cridex CryWare
GameOverZeus PouLight
XFN Death
Echelon Nexus
Arkei Lime Stealer
DT Stealer Oski
LoveNikiki NStealer
Vulturi BAS
Mars Ab stealer
WorldWind Bloody
X-files Strong Brain
Sorano Mystery
TRON Right Stealer
Heleks Ginzo
Taurus Crypto Wares
Collector Silex
Armageddon Telerax
Istealer Kpot


Pony Dridex
Amadey Phorpiex
MyloBot Nitol
MyKings Dorkbot
Tofsee Qakbot
Xloader Parasite
Zemra Solarbot


XMRig NeoScrypt
CoinBitMiner Roughminer
CoinHelper HMiner
Awesime Miner Arctic Miner
Silent Cryptominer Shadow Miner
Hidden Miner Super Studio
CH Miner


Agent Tesla Ave Maria
Ursnif Hawkeye
Snake Keylogger Origin
SpyEye CliptoShuffler
Atom Logger Mass Logger
Orion Keylogger Ardamax Keylogger


Hancitor Smoke Loader
Glupteba BazarLoader
Amadeus Loader Arkei
Godzilla TP Loader
Darksky VertexNet
Elite AnnLoader

How do stand against malware attacks?

We have written numerous articles on security threats and how to combat crypter malware in 2023. In summary, the straightforward ways to deal with these risks are as follows:

1. Keep Your antivirus up-to-date

2. Keep your Windows and software up-to-date

3. Activate Real-Time and antimalware and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) options on your antivirus.

4. Don’t open any unknown files, links, or websites. (include Google ADS too)

5. Use Virtual machines for any unknown files, links, and websites

6. Encrypt your sensitive data with the best crypter 2023.

7. use 2FA, multifactor authentication (MFA), and strong passwords for your accounts. (Enable biometrics such as retina eye scans or fingerprints).

8. Limit the scope of damage by using Cold storage wallets and opening them in a Virtual machine.

9. Open the Docs in Protected View and don’t enable editing. (Read more about Micro Exploits and Silent Exploits)

10. Just download any software or games from the official website. (Don’t use BitTorrent websites in any way)

11. Use legitimate Remote access tools for remote works.

12. Apply least privilege access for your accounts

13. check all any accounts or update notifications with your support source.

Note these ways can’t prevent the attackers but can control and reduce the range of attacks.

Do you want to know more about malware crypter? Contact us for the last details.

We suggest reading the top remote access trojans 2021 too. You can make your RAT FUD.

Do you need any education for encrypting payload? Watch the tutorials crypter videos.