You may also ask how to make my RAT FUD. The ways of building FUD payload are simple to bypass antivirus such as Windows Defender. Just use a FUD Crypter to make a FUD RAT. We discussed remote access trojans and best crypter 2023 impacts in previous posts. But this article is trying to review how to make FUD RAT with crypter.

How to buy remote access trojans, and what is the RAT price?

The maintained remote access Trojan price starts from $100 to $550 for a monthly subscription. Most RAT trojans 2023 give monthly licenses to users, and the RAT software price depends on HVNC and other features and modules.

As mentioned in our previous article about Cyber attacks in 2023, we analyze Telegram’s role in cyber threats in 2023. In short, anyone can find the malware seller by searching the RAT software’s name on Telegram. You can buy RAT trojans by telegram bots online.

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Why does antivirus detect RAT software as a trojan?

Before learning how to FUD RAT, it is better to know that an antivirus such as Windows Defender detects a rat as a Trojan or a virus. Why?

It is like the story of a Trojan horse that entered your fortress for unauthorized access to a system and use of unique codes that call the main features of Windows.

It also accesses system information as an administrator with the HVNC RAT feature.

So, the main priority of the most significant antiviruses is identifying malware signatures and modules to flag immediately upon downloading a system.

We recommend watching bypass antivirus videos for more details.

Now that your RAT software is detected or is a non-FUD RAT Trojan, you must try to encrypt your RAT FUD.

Note that if you can FUD RAT with a crypter, you will be able to FUD the rest of the Malware similarly.

Therefore, be careful how an attacker uses these methods so that you can deal with them.

You can buy FUD crypter and encrypts your payload now. If you want to make your crypter check the top RAT 2023 and best RAT trojans 2021 first and crypt them with Data Encoder Crypter.

This will help you to find out how to make your own crypter. If you don’t know how find remote access trojans , read our article.

Training on how to create RAT FUD

As we said, Rat cannot be FUD alone, so encryption tools such as crypter Malware are needed to make FUD. The most critical point of creating a payload to bypass antivirus is to use the latest update of Rat Trojan.

In other words, free Rat cannot bypass Windows Defender in runtime. We provide a video for free RAT bypass Windwos Defender in Runtime but it can’t remain long time.

Therefore, you should use the updated Rat software for longer FUD Runtime results. For more information, you can read our previous post about the best RAT for crypter.

Encrypted Malware infects the victim in the following ways. So, to encrypt your RAT trojans, you must pay attention to these things.

  • Changing assembly or Cloning assembly from non-popular apps is the best option.
  • Use the “Compress” or “Increase File Size” option.
  • Clone certificate.
  • Choose a file name that matches the assembly.
  • Use clean and proper spreading methods.
  • Use hosts that do not distribute samples.

Note free crypter can’t bypass antivirus even you are using the updated RAT PC.

We recommned watching how build RAT payload, open your port , and encrypt videos.

Spreading methods and FUD RAT results

You may ask what the reliable host or clean spreading method has to do with RAT FUD.

The method of spreading the file impacts your FUD results. Many security layers, such as Chrome security warning and Windows SmartScreen, are sensitive to the file source. Therefore, a reliable host, using official and valid certificates, the proper file-sending method, etc., directly impacts your FUD results. Note use FUD Crypter Runtime for best fully undetectable results.

FUD stands for Fully Undetectable and refers to a type of malware – Remote Access Trojan (RAT) – that is designed to evade detection by antivirus and security software. The objective of FUD RATs is to allow attackers to control infected devices remotely without detection.

FUD RATs can have a range of malicious uses, including stealing sensitive information, spying on victims, and launching cyber attacks. Attackers often deploy them in targeted attacks against organizations or mass-distributed spam campaigns.

It’s crucial to understand that while FUD RATs may evade some security software, they are not foolproof and can still be detected by other security measures. Implementing a multi-layered security approach is essential to protect against these threats.

FUD RATs can spread in several ways, including:

  • Phishing emails: Attackers can send emails with infected attachments or links to malicious websites that download the malware onto the victim’s device.
  • Malicious software downloads: Attackers can manipulate legitimate software downloads or offer fake software updates that contain the FUD RAT.
  • Drive-by downloads: Attackers can exploit a website’s or web browser’s vulnerabilities to download the FUD RAT onto the victim’s device automatically.
  • Social engineering: Attackers can trick victims into downloading the FUD RAT by posing as a trustworthy entity or offering fake services.
  • Compromised websites: Attackers can hack into a website and add a hidden script that downloads the FUD RAT onto visitors’ devices.
  • Supply chain attacks: Attackers can target an organization’s supply chain and inject the FUD RAT into software, hardware, or other products that the organization uses.

It’s important to stay vigilant and follow security best practices to protect against these attacks, including keeping the software and operating systems up to date, being wary of suspicious emails and attachments, and using strong passwords.

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