Do you know crypter can clone assembly or Code Signing Certificate? This tutorial video will show how to make your payload FUD in simple ways. You can find three ways to make your file fully undetectable: changing the assembly, cloning it, or clone Code Signing Certificate.

Unlocking FUD: Video Assembly and Code Signing Certificate Strategies

The Video Key Steps:

Obtaining a code signing certificate can be a crucial step, yet many struggle to navigate this process. If you find yourself in need of a code signing certificate but unsure of where to obtain or locate one, it’s time to explore.

Test the capabilities of the Data Encoder crypter and discover how to clone an application to acquire your certificate. Pay close attention to the 207th second of the video tutorial for a detailed, step-by-step guide on effectively obtaining and using a code signing certificate.

Explore alternative methods such as modifying the assembly or cloning it by watching these videos:

Learn about changing assembly in the video section starting at: 00:00:40

Explore the process of cloning assembly in the video segment beginning at: 00:01:43

Watch the segment on cloning Code Signing Certificates at: 00:03:27

This video will show how to make your payload FUD to antivirus by changing assembly, clone assembly, or clone Code Signing Certificate. You will watch Data Encoder crypter options or can read the crypter features.

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How to make FUD file with crypter software?

We used DcRAT to create the RAT payload and make It FUD by changing the assembly first. DcRAT is one of the free remote access tools and we do not recommend it. You can watch other free tools like NjRAT or make Asynce RAT FUD for more detials too.

After creating the DcRAT file, you have access to many options on the Data Encoder Crypter Dashboard to make the RAT FUD.

Add your RAT file on the Package tab and select Assembly Tab

The essential options are placed in the Assembly tab.

You can change assembly by default options or clone the assembly from an app, clone Code Signing Certificate or change the Icon. We are changing the assembly now.

Encrypt it and wait for scanner results for FUD tests.

As you see, the DcRAT file, after changing assembly, has detections. So we will try a different method.

Best tool for clone certificate or sign code certificate

Crypter software is one of the best tools for clone assembly or clone sign code certificate. Note don’t download free crypter. You may ask why?

free tools like malware or crypter can’t give FUD results in the Runtime. Also, your tools and kits must be compatible. For example read the crypter for RAT article for more information.

Follow these steps to get FUD results:

Find an unpopular app to clone the assembly from it. And selected app must be unprotected code signing if you want to clone code signing. As you watch in video, We used “Paint-NET” here. Add it to Clone Assembly and Icon Section. Crypter automatically clone certificate and icon of the file.
Note it would be better to search for unpopular apps according to your goal. For example, we want to send the file to a designer and find Paint-NET for cloning and sending. So crypter clone assembly and your target will click on it.
Another point, files that have a Code Signing Certificate have a Digital Signature tab in the file properties section. We will show how to make it in the next FUD method.
Now with cloning assembly, results get better but not completely FUD. Now we clone the certificate and make some changes like increasing file size and waiting for results.
The encrypted file must clone the clone Code Signing Certificate so check it on the Digital Signature tab in the file properties section.
As you see, the file grabs the Code Signing Certificate, and the results are now fully undetectable (FUD).

Just rename the file to the desired name. Then follow the below section if you want to bypass Windows SmartScreen or Chrome alert warning.

How bypass Windows SmartScreen or Google Alert?

In short, we show you on video how clone certificate can bypass Windows defender. Now can free crypter bypass windows defender? we will help you in that article.
Some users ask why encrypted files can’t bypass SmartScreen or Google Alert.

The clear answer is it isn’t related to the crypter, and you need to use a trusted host with an SSL structure and regular traffic. Some tricks will help you too:

Put the Windows System 32 dlls with the encrypted app with Code sign Certificate signatures plus some app dll in one folder and zip it. Then upload it to your mentioned trusted host.

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