Do you want know how free RAT bypass Windows Defender? Do you need to build RAT payload? Remote access trojans are one of the most used tools in 2022. The hidden access to all the victim’s information and its easy use have made this tool one of the most popular malware.

We recommend to see our blog post how to make a RAT FUD for more details.

How override Windows Defender by free RAT

In this tutorial video we will show how Free RAT bypass Windows Defender. Note in this case we used free remote access trojans, but you must know outdated RAT software can’t bypass Windows Defender in Runtime. It means your payload can’t remain hidden from Windows Defender’s detection system for a long time when running the file.

What is the solution?

You will need to use updated RAT software and encrypt it with best FUD crypter 2023. You can find list of top RAT trojan 2022 here too.

Also, use crypter clone assembly options for fully undetectable results. read the below sections for more ways.

Encrypt your payload with FUD crypter

As you see, crypter software encrypts the free RAT payload to bypass Windows Defender’s last update, 2023. FUD crypter, or fully undetectable crypter, is encryption software that can’t change RAT codes but encrypts and injects them into a standard Windows process. Learn more about Crypter.

For more information, you can read process hollowing and PE injection and compare it with polymorphic crypter.

In short, Data Encoder Crypter helps you to encrypt any (*.EXE) files and inject them to bypass wrong WD detections. We recomend watching evade WD in March 2023.

How to build free RAT and encrypt it?

If you want to know how to build a RAT payload and encrypt it, we make multiple tutorial videos for you.

In short, you need the following these steps to make free RAT bypass Windows Defender:

  • Open a port
  • Set the external IP or your host and point the port to it.
  • Leave the RAT tool settings and use the crypter options.
  • Set the correct name and encrypts it
  • Upload the file on trusted hosts for a longer FUD time.

For example you can watch how make Async RAT FUD video or how make njRAT payload FUD.

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Why can’t free Crypter or free RAT give FUD Runtime results?

In short, free tools like free FUD crypter don’t update their core due to last antivirus detections. You can watch antivirus bypass videos that use free tools, but they can’t help you on Runtime or while your file is running.

Updated tools like Warzone RAT, update its core and modules for best FUD results. If you don’t know what is remote access trojans read our blog posts.

Do you need to make crypter software? We recommend testing the free FUD crypter GitHub and downloading it. Be careful of backdoors and test on VMware, and find how to encrypt the RAT trojans or other malware. So, your RAT bypass windows defender. Also, test your payload with Crypter Runtime test tool.

Then buy FUD crypter and test again. Read more about process hollowing and PE Injection methods or polymorphic crypter for more information.