Crypter process hollowing and PE Injection (Portable Executable) technique enable us to inject and run a complete executable module inside another process memory. This Crypter feature help to secure your data.

What is The Portable Executable or PE?

The Portable Executable (PE) is a format of the file that includes executable (EXE files), object code, DLLs, FON Font files, and others used in Windows operating systems (both x86 and x64).

The PE is necessary for the Windows OS loader to manage the wrapped executable code. PE Injection technique enables us to inject and run a complete executable module inside another process memory.

In short, We suggest to download crypter software. Then use PE injection by the method of Process hollowing. Process hollowing starts a normal process and deallocates memory to replace the process’s content. So, You can hide your encrypted data process from attackers by process hollowing too.

How does the Crypter process hollowing and PE Injection work?

Crypter process hollowing and PE Injection work when a process is running in a suspended state. Then its memory is not finable and replaces. Test free crypter and check the operation. Remember, the Polymorphic crypter has a different method for PE injection.

Do you want more information about process hollowing? Read this page for more details and watch the below video for setup Warzone RAT and making it FUD with Data Encoder Crypter. In this video, you can see how crypter injects the process with the Windows process or inject on itself.

How to make your own crypter?

We’ve mentioned this before: When we started blogging, my content What is the crypter and how to buy it?

Briefly, to make a Crypter, you need to know how to perform this.

For this purpose, you need to know the encryption methods and process behavior.

So, we suggest you find online crypter and check all Windows processes when using the encrypted file. For more information, read our Blog posts.

Remember all free FUD crypter and a paid ones like Data Encoder Crypter working with PE Injection. So, download them and try to test them with your files.

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