Do you know how make FUD Warzone RAT and encrypt it with FUD crypter? In this tutorials we will show you how build Warzone RAT client and encrypt it with Data Encoder Crypter. Follow our crypter tutorials for more tools and encryption methods. Knowing that Malware 2023 will use new methods, such as spreading malware through Google and GitHub, is better.

About Warzone RAT

In short, Warzone RAT was an updated RAT trojans 2023 compatible with the best crypter 2023. As mentioned in the cyber attacks in 2023, Remote access trojans are one of the most critical malware in 2023. You can find the top Rat trojans 2022 list and the Warzone RAT, one of the best updated RAT software.

If you don’t know what is the remote access trojans read article for more details. Note free RAT bypass Windows Defender in Scantime. But it has a big problem with Runtime (during file run). So you will need to download FUD crypter and use updated Remote access tools.

This RAT trojan, once in circulation, has been discontinued in 2024 following the arrest of its coders.

How open port forwarding with Warzone RAT?

Warzone RAT, also known as “Warzone Remote Access Trojan,” is a multifunctional and adaptable piece of malware that provides attackers with remote control over infected systems. Watch Warzone RAT tutorial with best FUD crypter.

Before starting, turn off Windows Defender and Firewall by Group Policy.

Start the Warzone.

As you see, this app has many options.

Click on the Client Builder.

On this page, you must enter your hostname and port.

You should point your host to your external IP address if you want to use the host or domain instead of the direct IP address.

You must open a port on your system that runs the Warzone RAT.

Note If you are using the VPS, forward port and set the rules on your firewalls.

Note If you want to run it on your PC, you can use a VPN with custom port forwarding or open the port on your modem or router(some modems & routers haven’t port forwarding features).

We are using internal IP ( for testing.

Click on the Build button and choose a name and save it. Now you build Warzone RAT client.

Finally, your opened port needs to listen to complete this process. So Check the port on Warzone RAT > Server Settings to activate listening. Watch the below video to make FUD Warzone RAT.

You can watch how FUD Async RAT and learn how open port on it. With this you find out how open port Forwarding on Warzone RAT too.

How to Encrypt Warzone RAT with FUD Crypter

First, we test and encode Warzone RAT without selecting any options, and then we try it again by selecting Warzone Rat options.

Before starting the encryption, test the file for a successful connection.

If you connected successfully, follow these steps:

Leave the Warzone RAT setting and use the Data Encoder Crypter options instead.

On the Data Encoder Crypter, leave the Injection Host if you don’t know what it is or how it works!

We have explained the primary features in this tutorial. You can employ these options like clone Code Sign Certificate.

Change the assembly to get FUD results. Note: Most detections are from assembly and icons, so use clean ones.

Clone assembly from not-popular apps is the best option.

Also, the “Compress” or “Increase File Size” option can help get FUD results.

You can Clone the certificate option too.

Click on the Encode button and choose a name that matches the assembly. (Most antivirus are sensitive to this, so choose the right name). We recommend watching how bypass antivirus videos.

Now run the encrypted file and wait for the connection.

We chose the AddInProcess32 injection, and your file process name will change to it. Read the crypter process hollowing and PE Injection for more details.

And finally, Warzone RAT encrypted payload gets a successful connection, and you make the FUD Warzone payload. You can watch how make connection RAT payload with crypter here.

Now We select the Warzone RAT setting like Startup, Offline Microphone Recording, Offline Keylogger, Persistence/Watchdog. You can read more about Keylogger here. Let’s go to make FUD Warzone RAT.

Enter your Hostname and port as mentioned before, and build Warzone RAT client.

Note test the file again before encrypting, and if you get a successful connection, follow these steps:

You must use FUD runtime Crypter like Data Encoder Crypter and put the Injection Host on “Itself” in this section.

Note the file is injected into itself, so the name of the process will remain the same as the file’s name.

Change your assembly and follow all before options to get FUD results. We recommend watching bypass Windows Defender videos.

Now test the encrypted Warzone RAT payload and see the successful connection. Test your encrypted file with crypter Runtime tool too.

Download FUD Crypter

We have explained in previous articles that all malware, except the ZeroDay exploit, needs FUD Crypter.

If you don’t know what a crypter is and how to buy one, read this article.

In short, the Crypter software encrypts your payload codes, and your file passes through the antivirus. So for making FUD Warzone RAT you will need it.

Remember that the encoder cannot edit your code, so if your tool is outdated, it cannot evade antivirus such as Windows Defender. We recommend reading bypassing Microsoft Windows Security tips and tricks for more information.

To download FUD Crypter, you can purchase it first, and then we will send you the software to download. Also, read more about how make your own crypter.

We suggest reading how use DNS tunneling and fast flux dns to hide your IP and DNS too.

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