Many hackers use various tools in personal hacking. These hacking tools include purchase crypters, RAT, Keylogger. In this article, check the essential factors that affect make files fully undetectable. To clarify, get Runtime FUD results and Scantime.

Ways to make file fully undetectable (FUD)

Firstly, beginner hackers buy Remote access trojans or Keylogger to check the functionality. Then work with RAT options and make .EXE file. Antivirus without any run files(Scantime) detects RAT outputs.

Secondly, they purchase Cryper and try to make files FUD. Now crypter has many options similarly RAT options. So after many cost finds, files will detect by antivirus or security programs. We want to help you find the best RAT and crypter. Therefore, tips to make files FUD with crypter. Remember, free FUD crypter may not work. Updating STUB is the main part of crypter that free crypter can’t support it.

1. Buy FUD crypter

Certainly, you should buy crypter and see crypter bypassing videos. Firstly make sure that crypter bypass antiviruses in Scantime. Secondly, see comments and rating or video views or likes. So, check Runtime FUD results by online scanners Screenshots. Therefore, see RAT compatible with Crypter. Remember Data Encode crypter works with most free RAT and the best RAT 2020. Our crypter works and compatible with Native RAT and .NET RAT.

2. Buy compatible RAT with crypter

You have to do likewise buying Crypter and read all remote access tools features. It is most important, to use updated RATand crypter. Data Encoder crypter works with most active RAT of the market for example BitRAT (Recommended), Hive Remote Admin (Recommended), AsyncRAT (Recommended), WARZONE RAT (Recommended), Rogue Miner (Recommended), Atom Logger (Recommended), Remcos Remote Control, Lime RAT, Quasar, Orion Keylogger, Falcon Keylogger, NetWire, Babylon RAT, DarkComet, DarkTrack, Imminent Monitor 5, NanoCore, njRAT and Many More. we suggest see best RAT for crypter detail. see the top remote access trojans (RAT) of 2021

3. How working with crypter

Firstly, don’t use RAT options and just make output with it. So you need about crypter options for example assembly, installation path, and name of files, Icon, etc. if you got detections contact the support team to update RAT or crypter STUB. Notice Data Encoder crypter update STUB daily for shared STUB.