Chinese Windows users have a problem with crypter or remote access tools. Watch how Data Encoder Crypter supports Chinese and other languages. Do you want to evade Chinese antivirus like bypass 360 Total security? watch the video

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Data Encoder Crypter supports:

▪️ Both .Net & Native applications!

▪️ Both x32 & x64 applications!

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Crypter Details

Data Encoder Crypter options:

✔️Supporting both x32 & x64, Native & .Net Apps

✔️Fully Undetectable Crypts (FUD)

✔️Different Code Injection Methods

✔️Multi-File Binder With lots of Options

✔️Process Injection Persistence

✔️Startup Key Persistence

✔️Melt File

✔️Normal & Hidden Startup

✔️Different Installation Options

✔️Anti Virtual Environment (VMWare, Virtual Box, SandBoxie, etc.)

✔️Fake Message

✔️Execution Delay

✔️Custom Assembly Changer

✔️Assembly & Icon Cloner

✔️Certificate Cloner

✔️Extension Spoofer

✔️File Pumper (Increase Output Size)

✔️Compress Output Size

✔️Online Scanner

✔️User-Friendly & Easy GUI

✔️Runtime Check Tool (Test your file on Runtime)

✔️Supporting Chinese Windows and other languages

Anti-Submission (Prevent Antiviruses from submitting the file to their analysis server)

WD Exclusion (Add your file to Windows Defender Exclusive list to avoid scanning it)

Force as Admin (Force user to run your file as Administrator)

Office Macro Exploits (Excel and Word Macro Exploits)