In this video we show how to use crypter Persists on process option. Crypter software regularly checks all process and do not let to kill the process. The FUD crypter 2023 has crypter persistent option for in windows 11 last update 2023 too . Your feedback will help us.

Data Encoder Crypter Persistent option demo

Data Encoder Crypter hidden Startup and injection Persistent help your pyload keeps your payload stable. It means that whoever tries to close your file, another process that is watching it will execute the file again. So, it is impossible to close it even through the task manager.

Does persistence affect antivirus detection?

To answer this question, we must say that antiviruses check all processes when executing the file. Therefore, any suspicious process is immediately flagged.

So your file will not have any problem with this option while downloading, that is, at this stage as the Scantime. But during the execution of the file or Runtime, this option will be detected in some antivirus such as Windows Defender. We recommend bypassing Windows defender doesn’t use this feature.

Note free FUD crypter can’t bypass antivirus. So download FUD crypter now.

Now, what should we do to keep our file FUD?

You won’t need this option if you know how to FUD your tool. For example, we have explained how to FUD my RAT Trojan in another article. Please read this article to learn how to fully undetectable a file correctly. After this, with the same method, other malware such as Ransomware or Stealer is also FUD. Some attackers, instead of the persistence option, use crypter binder option and bind the best malware 2022 for more access and long time FUD results.

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