Keylogger or clipper capturing is one of the malware types for collecting sensitive information of user accounts. In this article, let’s review the meaning of keylogger together and get to know things like how a hacker uses it and the best keylogger for crypter in 2022.

This article aims to get acquainted with malware’s dangers and know how to infect Windows keyloggers. Finally, we will review the ways to deal with this malware together.

Keylogger meaning and how it works?

Keylogger or KeyStore logging is one of the hacker tools for capturing all victim’s keyboards. It is named Clipper or clipboard keeper too.

With just one connection, this malware saves all the writings you type and the data entry location in a note file, and the hacker will access all of it in the next connection. The keylogger can be available online, but the hacker quickly connects with the victim to avoid leaving the slightest trace.

best keylogger for crypter in 2022

Furthermore, another essential point is that keyloggers will be used as part of another malware in 2022. Top Remote Access Trojans 2022, Ransomware, and stealers have options. Also, Loader hack tools can employ the keylogger.

You can watch bypass antivirus videos. We suggest watching bypass Windows Defender if your keylogger detected by it.

Briefly, the keyloggers is a small part of the attackers. But this malware can’t bypass antivirus itself. Significant antiviruses such as Windows Defender will detect suspicious system behavior. Then the hacker tries to encrypt malware with malware crypter. The best keylogger for the crypter must be compatible with each other. You can see the list of best keyloggers for crypter 2022 in the below table:

List of Keylogger 2023 
Agent TeslaSnake
Atom LoggerMass Logger

How to remove Windows Malware?

In short, you may detect keyloggers. But still, there are simple ways to remove it. Follow the below methods for cleaning this malware type:

#1 update your Antivirus to the last version and database.

#2 Activate antimalware options

#3 Open a Virtual machine, connect your account instantly, and activate MFA on it. Change all passwords.

#4 Remove any unknown devices session

5# Buy crypter and encrypt all data with it.

6# start scanning for keylogger

But before being infected with malware, you must know these simple points:

  • Don’t open any unknown links and files.
  • Check all Urls with official websites (Beware of phishing attacks)
  • Don’t open any Google Ads. Most of the attacks in 2022 were by Google Ads.
  • Use VM (virtual machines) for opening your accounts.
  • Activating of Multifactor authentication for all accounts.
  • Keep windows and antivirus up to date daily.

Based on security analysis, Agent Tesla has been the most used keylogger of 2022.

Also, the developers will update Snake, Atom Logger, Mass Logger, Orion, and Origin in 2022. Most attackers are using free FUD crypter to bypass antivirus.

So if your antivirus alerted them, instantly follow the guide.

We already explained how to make file FUD with crypter. Do you need to know how to make FUD RAT? You can watch the BitRAT video too.